Email #48, Subject: “unacceptable”?

Hundreds of thousands of people marched on Washington yesterday to protest Trump taking office. My wife and daughter were among them. As you know, the March was especially a response to the remarks the President made about sexually assaulting women. The tape documenting his statements came out during the campaign, but I read a recent survey that shows that 83% of Americans still remember it. Of them 61% were “upset” by it, and 91% considered his remarks “unacceptable.” I assume you are of the 83% who recall the tape. I am of the 61% upset by it. Are you also? And are you also of the overwhelming majority who condemn the President’s statements? If so, would you please make a statement expressing your disapproval? This is not a Republican vs. Democrat issue. Sexaul assault is a crime. Even if our President is innocent of it, his remarks openly promote it. You told me in an earlier letter that you feel elected officials should be held to the “highest standards.” To what standards are you holding President Trump?

Chris Gavaler