Email #134: “division will do nothing to benefit our country”

You said on November 11th:

“After this election, it would be easy to retreat to separate corners and allow the divide between friends, neighbors, and family members with different political beliefs and values to sharpen. However, that kind of division will do nothing to benefit our country. It is not what we need today.”

I strongly agree.

Which is why I’m confused by so many of the statements you’ve made and actions you’ve taken since. Your political strategy seems to be to sharpen differences and exploit divisions that benefit your personal standing but worsen our country overall.

Why do you continue to call the Affordable Care Act “Obamacare,” a name coined solely for the purpose of stoking opposition to it?

Why do you support President Trump’s universally rejected claim that he lost the popular vote due to massive voter fraud?

Why do you downplay the significance of allegations made against the Trump administration while highlighting other, less significant allegations—including the President’s universally rejected claim that Obama wiretapped Trump Tower during the election?

Why do you continue to highlight rapes and murders committed by immigrants in order to condemn the previous administration’s now irrelevant immigration policies?

Why do you reflexively oppose gun regulations of any kind, even in cases where individuals do not have the mental capacity to responsibly own them?

Why do you discredit all grassroots opposition groups as “fronts” for national organizations, even local groups that formed before Indivisible?

Why do you ignore the Trump administration’s conflicts of interest after having so vigorously challenged the Obama administration on all ethics issues?

Why do you applaud President Trump’s military response to the “evil” of Syria when you criticized President Obama on the same issue?

Why do you cite the importance of balancing the budget and reducing the deficit when opposing liberal issues such as the ACA Medicaid expansion but ignore it when you support conservative issues such as increased military spending?

Why did you support the American Health Care Act despite the harm it would cause to your constituents in both the Democratic and Republican parties?

You are not simply retreating to your corner. You are not simply allowing the divide to sharpen. You are actively promoting division by using your safe political corner to engage in constant, hypocritical attacks that do nothing to benefit our country.

You are exactly the opposite of what we need today.