Email #1, Subject: Obamacare

I hear a lot of talk about repealing Obamacare, but little about replacing it. Obamacare eliminated “preexisting conditions,” an offensive concept invented by insurance companies to avoid helping the people they’re designed to help. My daughter is 19, and under Obamacare she’ll be able to stay on our family insurance till she’s 26. Are you taking that away from us too?  The Tea Party has been using Obamacare as their rallying cry–even though it’s the same as Romneycare and the plan Newt Gingrich introduced in the 90s as designed by the conservative Liberty thinktank. I don’t really care if you repeal Obamacare or not–as long as you replace it with something as good. But what is your plan? How are you going to keep all of those newly insured people insured? The Tea Party gained power by calling Obamacare evil socialism. Was that all just cynical rhetoric and now you’ll just keep it and tweak it? Or will you actually take away all the real good it does?

As a member of your district, I need to know your exact position on Obamacare. What do you personally believe and what are you personally going to do?

Chris Gavaler