Email #241: Gay Pride Canal Parade

My family and I are visiting Amsterdam this week, and today the city is holding its annual Gay Pride Canal Parade. It’s the largest gay pride event in the Netherlands and one of the largest in the world. The tourist website says it draws over a half million spectators. I feel lucky that my wife, our teen-age son, our college-age daughter, and I will be among them this year.

Same-sex marriage has been legal in the Netherlands since 2000. They were alone then, but 23 other countries have followed since, including the U.S. in 2015. But you said in 2014: “I believe marriage should be between one man and one woman.” The Supreme Court said you were wrong. Has your opinion changed since then? Or do you still consider gay people to be less than human?

I wish you could be in Amsterdam today. The canal parade includes boats sponsored by the city, its police department, the national ministry of defense, the ministry of security and justice, and the military. You should especially see the one by gay Christians. Or do you still imagine that God condones your bigotry?

Author: Chris Gavaler

Chris Gavaler is an associate professor at W&L University, comics editor of Shenandoah, and series editor of Bloomsbury Critical Guides in Comics Studies. He has published two novels: School for Tricksters (SMU 2011) and Pretend I’m Not Here (HarperCollins 2002); and six books of scholarship: On the Origin of Superheroes (Iowa 2015), Superhero Comics (Bloomsbury 2017), Superhero Thought Experiments (with Nathaniel Goldberg, Iowa 2019), Revising Fiction, Fact, and Faith (with Nathaniel Goldberg, Routledge 2020), Creating Comics (with Leigh Ann Beavers, Bloomsbury 2021), and The Comics Form (Bloomsbury forthcoming). His visual work appears in Ilanot Review, North American Review, Aquifer, and other journals.

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