Email #36, Subject: If Donald Trump violates the Constitution

Nine of the twelve presidents since World War II put their assets in a blind trust to assure voters that they would not be influenced by their financial interests. So why hasn’t President-elect Trump? The comparative enormity of his assets means a blind trust is more vital for him than for any of his predecessors. The Constitution states that no U.S. officeholder shall “accept of any present, emolument, office, or title, of any kind whatever, from any king, prince, or foreign state.” There is no more important officeholder than the president, and yet the President-elect has made statements flouting this Constitutional requirement. As Chair of House Judiciary Committee, you shoulder major responsibility—including consideration of impeachment charges. Again I must ask you: if President Trump violates the Constitution, are you prepared to place loyalty to your nation ahead of your loyalty to your political party?

Chris Gavaler


Author: Chris Gavaler

Chris Gavaler is an assistant professor of English at Washington and Lee University where he teaches creative writing, contemporary fiction, and comics. He has published two novels, Pretend I'm Not Here (HarperCollins 2002) and School For Tricksters (Southern Methodist University 2011), and two nonfictions, On the Origin of Superheroes (Iowa University 2015) and Superhero Comics (Bloomsbury forthcoming 2017).

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