Email #33, Subject: Congressional health care

I was surprised that you mentioned Obamacare in your letter to me regarding congressional salaries and benefits.  You have stated repeatedly that overturning Obamacare is one of your very highest priorities, and the GOP-controlled Congress has already taken steps to do so. Does that mean that you will preserve these elements of Obamacare that require representatives to purchase insurance from exchanges and prohibits them from receiving tax credits? I believe the equivalent in the Empowering Patients First act would be high-risk pools. Since you are over sixty, I assume you will be in that more expensive pool? I have written you repeatedly on the topic of dividing people into low-risk and high-risk and how the approach seems significantly worse than Obamacare, both in its inability to cover an equivalent number of people and how the pooling will increase costs for older and needier patients. Also, since the OPM published its finale rule in 2013, why are you not already purchasing your insurance through the Health Insurance Exchange? What have you been doing since the law went into effect?

Chris Gavaler

Author: Chris Gavaler

Chris Gavaler is an associate professor at W&L University, comics editor of Shenandoah, and series editor of Bloomsbury Critical Guides in Comics Studies. He has published two novels: School for Tricksters (SMU 2011) and Pretend I’m Not Here (HarperCollins 2002); and six books of scholarship: On the Origin of Superheroes (Iowa 2015), Superhero Comics (Bloomsbury 2017), Superhero Thought Experiments (with Nathaniel Goldberg, Iowa 2019), Revising Fiction, Fact, and Faith (with Nathaniel Goldberg, Routledge 2020), Creating Comics (with Leigh Ann Beavers, Bloomsbury 2021), and The Comics Form (Bloomsbury forthcoming). His visual work appears in Ilanot Review, North American Review, Aquifer, and other journals.

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