Email #20, Subject: No mandate

According to NBC and the Wall Street Journal, only 45% of Americans are optimistic or hopeful about Trump taking office. That’s a lot lower than the 66% who felt that way when Obama took office eight years ago. Usually a President-elect rides in on a popular wave, but Trump lost the popular vote by 2%.  Even George W. Bush, who lost the popular vote by .5% and needed the Supreme Court to stop the Florida recount in order to win in the Electoral College, took office with 59% of Americans feeling at least hopeful about his Presidency. The lack of confidence in Trump is “unpresidented.” I hope you, as a Republican leader, will proceed carefully. While the claim that the GOP has a voter mandate is common PR rhetoric, do not fall victim to it yourself. The majority of Americans are not behind you. If you push through a rightwing agenda, you will further ignite the opposition that will set back even your most moderate goals. But if you seek true bipartisanism, you will dampen opposition and gain much more yourself. Please choose wisely.

Chris Gavaler

Author: Chris Gavaler

Chris Gavaler is an associate professor at W&L University, comics editor of Shenandoah, and series editor of Bloomsbury Critical Guides in Comics Studies. He has published two novels: School for Tricksters (SMU 2011) and Pretend I’m Not Here (HarperCollins 2002); and six books of scholarship: On the Origin of Superheroes (Iowa 2015), Superhero Comics (Bloomsbury 2017), Superhero Thought Experiments (with Nathaniel Goldberg, Iowa 2019), Revising Fiction, Fact, and Faith (with Nathaniel Goldberg, Routledge 2020), Creating Comics (with Leigh Ann Beavers, Bloomsbury 2021), and The Comics Form (Bloomsbury forthcoming). His visual work appears in Ilanot Review, North American Review, Aquifer, and other journals.

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