Email #12, Subject: Social Security Reform Act

I just read that Texas Republican Sam Johnson introduced a new bill last week called the Social Security Reform Act. You said in your email to me that you were interested in bi-partisan solutions, which Johnson’s bill is not. It adds no new funding to Social Security and significantly decreases benefits. It does not increase the cap on Social Security pay-ins by workers as suggested by Democrats. The Johnson plan also eliminates taxes on benefits for high-income retirees. Since you said you favor bi-partisan approaches, you must be aware of the Social Security reform plan proposed by the Bipartisan Policy Center last summer. It’s the sort of commonsense, common-ground thinking this country desperately needs right now. And unless you were only pretending to care about bi-partisanism in your email, I assume this is exactly the sort of plan you support. It raises benefits for low-income workers and lowers benefits for wealthier retirees. So where exactly do you stand on the Social Security Reform Act and the Bipartisan Policy Center plan?

Chris Gavaler


Author: Chris Gavaler

Chris Gavaler is an assistant professor of English at Washington and Lee University where he teaches creative writing, contemporary fiction, and comics. He has published two novels, Pretend I'm Not Here (HarperCollins 2002) and School For Tricksters (Southern Methodist University 2011), and two nonfictions, On the Origin of Superheroes (Iowa University 2015) and Superhero Comics (Bloomsbury forthcoming 2017).

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