Email #2, Subject: your salary

I read online that Congressional Representatives make $174,000. Is that correct? That seems like a hell of a lot of money, way way beyond the vast majority of the people in your district, myself certainly included. My wife pointed out that travel expenses would be high for a lot of Representatives–though obviously not for you since you’re within easy driving distance of DC. But there’s also needing two places to live. Do you have to pay for your staff out of your own salary?  It’s clear I have no real idea what expenses you have and which if any you receive additional money for. So do the math for me. What exactly do you make, in salary plus expenses, and, after subtracting money you have to spend to do your job, how much do you have left?

Chris Gavaler

Author: Chris Gavaler

Chris Gavaler is an assistant professor of English at Washington and Lee University where he teaches creative writing, contemporary fiction, and comics. He has published two novels, Pretend I'm Not Here (HarperCollins 2002) and School For Tricksters (Southern Methodist University 2011), and two nonfictions, On the Origin of Superheroes (Iowa University 2015) and Superhero Comics (Bloomsbury forthcoming 2017).

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